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  1. TOEIC Preparation
  2. General English
  3. English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
  4. TOEFL Preparation


TOEIC Preparation Program is given to students/ employees/ staff who want to get their TOEIC score or as a prerequisite for entering companies/ institutions/ agencies/ government office.

(Program TOEIC Preparation ini diberikan kepada mahasiswa/ siswa/ pegawai/ pekerja yang ingin mendapatkan/ mengetahui score TOEIC mereka atau sebagai prasyarat masuk instansi/ institusi/ BUMN yang menerapkan TOEIC sebagai syarat masuknya.)

Through this course, the students will learn about (Melalui kursus ini siswa akan belajar tentang):

  • English Grammar
  • English Reading Comprehension
  • Listening techniques and strategies
  • TOEIC techniques and strategies

The Course Outline for TOEIC Preparation includes Listening, Grammar dan Reading. (Course Outline untuk TOEIC Preparation ini dibagi dalam Listening, Grammar dan Reading.)

Course Material:                                                  Facility:

  • Introduction to TOEIC                               Module
  • English Structure & Reading                 1x International Test
  • TOEIC tips and tricks                                 Score Rooster
  • TOEIC Test                                                       Certificate

Course Session:     2 months (16x class meetings & 2x Test)


The program is entirely oriented towards practical and constructive syllabus covering broader topics, daily activities, job skills and games.

(Program ini seluruhnya berorientasi pada praktikal dan konstruktif silabus yang mengcover topik-topikyang lebih luas, kegiatan sehari-hari, keterampilan pekerjaan dan permainan.)

Course Outline


Topics & Vocabulary

  •  Countries & Nationalities
  •  Food & drink
  •  Home, work, family
  •  Like & dislike/hobbies
  •  Daily routine/leisure activity
  •  Describing people
  •  Holidays


  •    Numbers
  •    Times
  •    Simple Present Tense
  •    This/that/These/those
  •    There is/are
  •    Some & any
  •    Simple Past Tense
  •    Simple Future
  •    Making request: Suggestions and offers


Topics & Vocabulary

  •  Leisure activity
  •  Describing feelings
  •  Daily routines
  •  Jobs
  •  Special occasions
  •  Describing places


  •  Part of Speech
  •  Modal can for ability
  •  Future Intentions
  •  Infinitive
  •  Comparatives & superlatives  adjectives
  • Present Continuous
  • Predictions: will/won’t
  • Past continuous


Topics & Vocabulary

  • Life events
  • Social customs & behavior
  • TV & radio
  • Describing Objects
  • Making arrangements



  • Present Perfect (simple and continuous)
  • Future forms
  • Passives
  • Modal verbs – requests, offers, spontaneous decision
  • Relative Clauses


Topics & Vocabulary

  • Society & Change
  • Telling stories
  • Problems & solutions, advice
  • Predicting
  • Giving Opinions
  • Agreeing and Disagreeing

  • Prediction language
  • Conditionals
  • Reported speech
  • Modal verbs: obligation/permission
  • Past modal verbs – could have/should have/would have
  • Conditional
  • Linking words


               Topics & Vocabulary

  •   Globalization
  •   Emotions
  •   Mind, body & spirit
  •   Learning
  •   Money
  •   Living together
  •   Lifestyle
  •   Truth & lies

  •   Language for argument
  •   Relative clauses
  •   Comparatives & superlatives
  •   Passives
  •   Particles
  •   Time & tense
  •   Auxiliaries
  •   Future forms
  •   Noun phrases, ellipsis & substitution

Course Session:         2,5 months for each level

                          (18x class meetings or 2 x 90 minutes/ week)

 Fasilitas:             Modul & Certificate


The ESP program is intended for the employees/ staff of institutions or companies to refresh their English skills on their field (Engineering, Medical, Business, Secretary, Tourism). Course Outline for ESP is adapted to the English program requested by the prospective trainees, for example: English for Engineering, English for Medical, English for Secretary, and English for Business (customized).

This ESP program is carried out within 2.5 months and divided into 2 terms.

(tujukan untuk para pegawai/pekerja dari sebuah instansi/institusi untuk mengingkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris dibidang masing-masing (Engineering, Medical, Business, Secretary, Tourism). Course Outline for ESP disesuaikan dengan program Bahasa Inggris yang diminta oleh calon peserta training, misalnya: English for Engineering, English for Medical, English for Secretary, English for Business atau disesuaikan permintaan.)

(Program ESP ini dilaksanakan dalam waktu 2,5 bulan yang dibagi dalam 2 term.)

Teaching Method:                                                             Facility:

  • Lecturing                       :  30%                                      –   Modul
  • Disussion                       :  20%                                      –   Certificate
  • Task-based Activity :  50%

 Course Outline: English for Business

Meeting 1 First Meeting (Introduction and Greetings
Meeting 2 & 3 First Meeting (Presenting yourself)
Meeting 4 & 5 First Contact (Social English )
Meeting 6 Travel Information (Requesting Information)
Meeting 7 Making Arrangement (Telephoning)
Meeting 8 & 9 Company Organization (Presenting the Company)
Meeting 10 Evaluation
Meeting 11 & 12 Supply (Describing product features)
Meeting 13 & 14 Job Routines ( Present Simple & expressions of frequency)
Meeting 15 & 16 Current Project (Present Continuous)
Meeting 17 Business Correspondence (Business Letter)
Meeting 18 Sales Review and Forecast(Describing Graphs and Prediction)


 TOEFL program is given to students, staff, and the public who want to measure their English skills.

(Program TOEFL ini diberikan kepada mahasiswa/ masyarakat umum yang ingin mengukur kemampuan TOEFL mereka.)

 By the end of the course students will:

  • be familiar with the format and directions of the TOEFL test;
  • be familiar with the types of questions that are asked in each section;
  • figure out their weak and strong areas; and
  • develop the English language skills that are necessary to be successful on the test.

(Pada akhir pembelajaran peserta kursus diharapkan dapat:

  • Memahami format dan petunjuk tes TOEFL;
  • Memahami jenis-jenis pertanyaan pada tiap bagian;
  • Mengetahui kelemahan dan kekuatan mereka dalam mempelajari bahasa Inggris; dan
  • Meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris yang diperlukan agar dapat berhasil dalam tes TOEFL.)


  • Modul
  • Test
  • Certificate

Reading purposes

  • To practice necessary skills with short reading passages, such as understanding details, identifying topics and paraphrasing.
  • To develop skills with longer reading passages, such as understanding details, identifying topics and paraphrasing, recognizing coherence.
  • To improve on summarizing skills, such as completing tables and charts, creating tables and charts.

 Writing purposes

  • To practice necessary writing skills of brainstorming, organizing, and paraphrasing.
  • To develop writing skills by connecting and supporting ideas.
  • To improve sentence structure and word choice.

Listening Purposes

  • To demonstrate basic comprehension, such as understanding the main idea, key points, structure, purpose, conclusion, important facts and relevant details.
  • To learn from listening, such as understanding various relationships between ideas
  • (e.g., compare-and-contrast, cause-and-effect, agree-disagree, or steps in a process) and tracing the development of ideas or events throughout the recordings.
  • To make inferences about an author’s opinion and what is implied in a recording.

 Speaking Purposes

  • Information Processing – The ability to synthesize and summarize what you have read in your textbooks and heard in and outside of the class.
  • Viewpoint Formation – In some of the speaking tasks, students need to form your own opinion in response to the information you have processed.
  • Delivery – Speech should be clear and have a well-paced flow with only minor lapses in pronunciation or intonation patterns.
  • Language Use – Responses should demonstrate effective use of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Topic Development – Responses should be sustained and sufficient for the task. They should be coherent and well developed with details and examples. A clear progression of ideas is also necessary for a high score.


 For more information, please contact via whatsapp (prefered):

  • 081805165216 (Pak Tama)
  • 081234530707 (Bu. Lusia)
  • 081357757607 (Bu. Dian)



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